Hollywood Homestyle




Jessica Lucas


The Hollywood District is a NE neighborhood that surrounds a business district radiating out from Sandy Blvd.  Some development in the area began before 1900. Between 1889 and 1915 there were thirty subdivisions developed in the Rose City Park area that overlapped with the Hollywood District. Lots sold between $400 to $600 and featured all of the amenities including cement sidewalks, telephone connections, and electric lights. 

Once the Hollywood Theater opened in 1926, the neighborhood really began to develop. The subdivisions started to fill in the gaps on the streetscape. The streets began to take on some depth with the mixture of small and large homes of the era.  Large Craftsman styles were placed generally on the corner lots. The Craftsman are usually two story homes, with a symmetrical facade with large overhangs. 

The Portland Style enhanced the streets by creating simple two story homes.   Oversized one story Bungalows seemed to pop up everywhere, adding a variety to the skyline. The same house is often repeated up and down the streets either next to each other or across the street.

One thing most of the homes have in common in the Hollywood neighborhood is the porches. The styles that were built time after time all maintained the very important porch. The porch is a public and private space that most people love. It's the gathering place to welcome visitors and a place to sit and greet neighbors as they walk by.  The community here is very supportive. The neighborhood and the commercial district have always had a reciprocal relationship. Community support is what keeps the business district strong and unique.


  • Portland style house located in Hollywood neighborhood
  • Craftsman style home on a corner lot in Hollywood

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