Roadside Architecture




Brian Morris


The Hollywood District is full of signage, signs for shops, restaurants and billboards that can be seen from the Banfield Highway. The Hollywood district has always used towers and signage to communicate with the rest of the city.  Signs can make verbal and symbolic connections through space, communicating a complexity of meanings through associations in short periods of time and distance.

Sometimes the building is the sign; for example a restaurant in the shape of a hamburger is a sculptural symbol and an architectural shelter. The Hollywood District has several examples of this building type. The 7UP tower on 37th and Sandy Boulevard has maintained a sculptural symbol even though prior to its existence it was the Steigerwald Dairy milk bottle, now hidden inside the 7UP tower. The dairy used the milk bottle to attract business.

The commercial district of the Hollywood neighborhood derived its name from the movietheater that was built there in 1926.  Many people believe that the Hollywood district is the first neighborhood of its kind to name itself after the local theater. It has been said that at night, one could see the tower of the Hollywood Theater from as far away as downtown. Acting as a beacon for the surrounding business district, the lights from the theater would draw in patrons and other commercial traffic. 

Another notable structure, the Hollywood Fred Meyer store, no longer exists in any form. The original 1940s era Fred Meyer building signified by a windmill, once stood where RiteAid now occupies the former Hollywood Fred Meyer.  The windmill on the corner of the building was one more example of how a building can act as sign to signify the market center of the Hollywood District

  • Steigerwald Dairy on 37th and Sandy Blvd

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